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Atomveldstraat 1 bus 2, Denderhoutem, 9540 Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

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Owner Name: Benny Pitteurs


Bakery Equipment


Among the range of products the company offers, there are excellent baking appliances such as gas-heated waffle irons, crepe plates, all made out of long lasting stainless steel as well as good heat conductivity to ensure even heat distribution throughout the baking process.

Baking Tools


One of the most innovative baking tools that we have developed is the industrial carousel, which has multiple electrical waffles per unit. This unit helps in making several waffles per run while maintaining the quality of the product. The company has invested in high technology in the equipment manufacture, including mechanisms that will allow for easy change of plates without having to recalibrate the machine.

Customer Reviews

Davide Colombo

Thank you for providing your professional expertise and quick delivery of carousel irons.

Simona Origgi

I appreciate the quality selling products like waffle irons and baking appliances at HVD. Waffle makers for ice cream cones, heart-shaped waffles, fruit and butter waffles are amazing here. I have gone through several baking tools and quite satisfied.

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